About Us

Since 2004, Alohaishoppe has strived to be one of the best, in all things Apple. Being one of the pioneers of and the first AAR (Apple Authorized Reseller) of the country, Alohaishoppe has not only focused on the products it sells, but has tried to establish a relation with all its stakeholders. It’s not just an organization; it’s a family, that’s what makes us so much more different on every other level. Apart from specializing in Apple products the company has also widened its reach into products like Adobe (Master Reseller), Microsoft, HP Printers, Dicota Bags and Autodesk software and for the past decade we have served our patrons/clients with the best of after-sales services, which defines our objective, that is, 100% customer satisfaction, and we have strived for that.


The very primary objective of the firm is to ensure customer satisfaction by meeting their demands accordingly by delivering a full-line of IT solution and products. Includes, Hardware (Apple Laptops & Desktops), Softwares (Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft) Consumer devices (iPods & iPhone), Solutions for focus based institutions (Educational, Digital Publishing/Photography, Audio-Visual Editing, Cross Networking institutions, etc.).


Offers The Company offers a full line of IT products, Consumer Electronics, & Telecommunication Products i.e. Computer Hardware, Software, Networking, Digital Publishing, Video & Audio Editing, Data Storage Solutions, PABX, CCTV, FAX etc. like.





In essence, the company has strived, struggled and toiled our way into establishing ourselves as one of the most prominent Authorized Resellers of the country. With our CEO, Mr. Abu Naser, having 25+ experience, leading the mast-head of the firm, we are focused and dedicated in giving the best Apple experience customers can possibly get.